MBRE Healthcare is able to leverage a platform that offers high-level expertise, access to capital and a breadth of services that few in healthcare real estate can offer. MBRE Healthcare is a full-service real estate firm offering acquisitions and project financing, development and project management, leasing and property management and consulting. MBRE Healthcare is one of the country’s largest private owners of healthcare facilities.


MBRE Healthcare (MBRE) acquires healthcare facilities across the United States from a variety of sources, including health systems and physician groups, institutional owners, and local developers. MBRE has acquired more than $4B in properties, making the firm one of the largest private owners in the country. MBRE has a team of experienced professionals who are agile enough to execute a variety of acquisitions – ranging from complex, $500M+ multi-state portfolios to straightforward, single-tenant properties of $10M. MBRE Healthcare has ample experience in acquiring both core and value-add property types, on and off-campus, across the country.


MBRE leverages in-house development and project management teams to tackle ground-up development projects across the country in a cost effective manner. The firm understands the needs of health systems to continually drive costs downward and passes on its low cost of capital to its clients directly. The firm is outfitted to provide site-selection, entitlement services, feasibility studies, LEED consulting and ground-up construction services to healthcare and life science companies alike. MBRE is able to provide clients with confidence in project execution and optimal buying power to deliver an efficient project without incurring unnecessary costs. The team has 30+ years delivering healthcare projects and working through the nuances of the development process (deals ranging from $10–200 million).


With more than 11 million square feet across 36 states currently under management, MBRE Healthcare has the resources and infrastructure to manage property effectively and efficiently. Managing healthcare facilities involves unique challenges; MBRE’s experience and knowledge of the property type and its 34-year history of managing institutional grade properties, allows it to successfully navigate these challenges.  The firm prides itself on understanding healthcare as an industry; its strengths, challenges, and trends, and incorporates this understanding into its management and leasing efforts.  Applying responsiveness and a hands-on approach, the group strives to enhance value, ensure low operating costs, and maximize tenant satisfaction.

MBRE delivers a flexible and customized Portfolio Management and Leasing model to each property. This allows us to deploy best-in- class resources for each of the unique disciplines of managing the physical property and attracting and retaining tenants. Depending on the location and scale of the property, MBRE will have local employees with “boots on the ground” addressing building and tenant needs.  In other instances, MBRE will engage local property management and leasing companies that are positioned to provide the highest touch service.  Our team includes several executives with experience working in hospitals and health care systems allowing us to deliver a provider, physician and patient centered approach to all of our property management and leasing activities.

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An amalgamation of all service lines, the consulting efforts of MBRE is rooted in the firm’s extensive knowledge of healthcare as an industry. In addition, MBRE has entered into an exclusive joint venture with a strategic healthcare consulting firm with an entrepreneurial culture of innovation and thought leadership. The joint venture brings extensive experience across the healthcare spectrum, leveraging relationships with providers, payers, and physician groups to provide dynamic solutions from initial planning to final execution. This knowledge of the healthcare industry translates into better real estate solutions for both tenants and clients.

The team is equipped to formulate and implement strategies and to ensure operations are as efficient and well-planned as possible. Programming, design, and integration are crucial in this service line and the joint venture has more than 30 years of experience of successfully executing implementation plans.


The Physician Equity Participation Program (PEPP) is designed as a way for healthcare systems and physicians to monetize their assets and participate in the equity ownership of real estate. We insert PEPP participants into a highly favorable ownership position within the capital structure of real estate projects. In addition to benefiting from the most attractive returns any project can deliver, MBRE Healthcare alleviates participants from guaranteeing any debt instrument that may be placed on the property. As a result, participants in PEPP are able to leverage the firm’s capital and expertise, minimize downside risk, and achieve strong investment returns created by the value of their tenancy.

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